Indian doctor takes hostages in United States: Indian doctor in United States shoots female doctor, killed – Indian pediatrician takes hostages in United States shoots female doctor s ‘committed suicide

A 43-year-old pediatrician of Indian origin suffering from cancer has taken people hostage in a doctor’s office in Austin, capital of the state of Texas in the United States. After that, after shooting and killing a female doctor, he also committed suicide and committed suicide. Police said the armed person had been identified as Dr Bharata Narumanchi, who was suffering from cancer.

According to CNN news, the Austin Police Department issued a press release stating that police received a call Tuesday informing that a man entered the Children’s Medical Group (CMG) office with a gun and had recovered some people are taken hostage. Police said many people were initially held hostage, but many managed to extricate themselves from the clutches and the assailant allowed others to leave, with the exception of a pediatrician named Catherine Dodgson.

Police said people who had managed to escape the attacker’s clutches told police at the scene that the person had a pistol that looked like a shotgun. Police have not received any information about any relationship between Dr Narumanchi and Dr Dodson. According to the statement issued by the police department, “It appears that Dr. Narumanchi committed suicide after killing Dr. Dodson. The investigation of the incident is continuing.

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