Indian Embassy in China Weibo Account: After Chinese Army Soldiers Kill in Galwan Valley, Hate Messages Target Indian Embassy

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After accepting the truth about Galvan, the Chinese created a social media account with the Indian Embassy. After the news of the deaths of 4 soldiers, the Chinese created the Vivo account of the Indian embassy. 4 soldiers were killed by the Indian army in Nisagalwan, 8 months later, China agreed
There has been a ruckus in China since the news of the deaths of four PLA soldiers in Ladakh’s Galvan valley. There is a flood of anti-Indian posts on social media platforms. Angry Chinese people are now abusing the Vivo account at the Indian embassy in Beijing. Let us know that 8 months after the Galvan violence, China admitted on Friday for the first time that four of its soldiers were killed in a clash with Indian soldiers. After which, the Chinese public also asks Xi Jinping about keeping the truth hidden for so many days.

Nishana created an account on the social networks of the Indian Embassy
According to the Hindustan Times report, the Indian Embassy’s Vevo account was inundated with derogatory messages and abuse. Tribute meetings are also held in honor of soldiers killed in several cities in China. However, China also released the names of the only soldiers who were honored. According to Chinese government media, a man was arrested in Nanjing City for posting disparaging remarks about PLA soldiers.

This is why people have become more emotional in China
Indeed, China has a large population that did not see its soldiers sacrificing themselves in a conflict with a foreign army before the Galvan skirmish. It is said that earlier Chinese soldiers were killed in a skirmish with Vietnam. In such a situation, Chinese youth are very angry with the murder of their soldiers. China has a ban on Twitter, which uses Vivo instead.

Dragon is surrounded at home by returning soldiers
In fact, China has been surrounded on all sides since the start of the tensions in Ladakh. India’s sharp retaliation had already shattered the minds of PLA soldiers. Meanwhile, China was severely criticized in its own country for withdrawing troops from Lake Pangong. The Chinese were questioning the army and the Communist Party as to why the army was returning after so many days of tension.

China was troubled by 45 soldiers declaring death
The remaining cancer was terminated by the Russian news agency TAS. Taas claimed in his February 10 news that 45 Chinese soldiers had died in the violence in Galvan. After that, there was a stir in China. People around the world, including China, have more confidence in mass news, as after the fierce clashes in Galvan, Russia-led India and China had their first political interaction.

Indochinese conflict in the Galvan valley

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