Indian expatriates in the world: India has the largest number of expatriates in the world, 18 million people live a lifetime: UN – India has the largest number of expatriates in the world, according to United Nations

The United Nations
India has the largest number of migrants in the world. This number is around 18 million, who were born in India but live abroad. This was revealed by John Willmott, director of the United Nations Population Division in the Department of Economic and Social Affairs. On Friday, presenting the International Migration Report 2020, he said the United States was the top receiving country for migrants, with 5.1 million of them, or 18% of the total population living in the world.

The report states that between 2000 and 2020 the size of the overseas migrant population increased for almost all countries and regions of the world with India making the biggest profit of around 1 crore during the period. 2000. Raised from third position to first position in 2020. This report also provides detailed information on migrants, including students and people going abroad.

‘The Indian diaspora is one of the most dynamic in the world
Calling for migration from India, Claire Menozzi, UN Head of Population Affairs, said: “The Indian diaspora is one of the most vibrant and vibrant worlds … it exists in all regions, on all the continents. He said: “The Indian diaspora comes in different forms, mainly made up of people who are employees, they are students and people who have emigrated for family reasons”. Menojji said the Indian-born diaspora in the Gulf countries played a central role in the economic prosperity of those countries.

“It is also widely present in North America and Canada, the United States, Great Britain and Australia,” Menozzi said. He said: “ And if you see for example in America, I know of the education of some people born in India, who went to higher education, about three times or even after … PhD and were trained even after that. He said that “it is a misconception that migration is an answer to the lack of opportunities”. Although this may be true in some contexts, “it is also a sign of mobility, a person has the possibility to seize opportunities”.

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