Indian Farmers US Secretary of State: US Lawmakers write Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Indian Farmer issue – US Lawmakers write to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Indian Farmer issue

Seven influential US lawmakers, including Indian-American MP Pramila Jaipal, wrote to Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo. He asked the US Secretary of State to address the issue of the farmers’ movement in India with his Indian counterpart. India described comments by foreign leaders on farmers’ performance as “based on misleading information” and “inappropriate”.

India insisted that this was an issue related to the internal affairs of a democratic country. Foreign Ministry spokesman Anurag Shrivastava said earlier this month: “We have seen some of these comments related to farmers in India which are based on misleading information. Such remarks are unfair, especially when they concern the internal affairs of a democratic country ”.

In a December 23 letter to Pompeo from US lawmakers, it was stated that the Punjab issue was a source of major concern for American Sikhs and also affected the Indian diaspora in other Indian states. He says: “Many Indians are directly affected because they have families and ancestral lands in Punjab and are concerned about the welfare of their families in India. In view of this serious situation, we ask you to speak with your Indian counterpart to confirm America’s commitment to free political expression abroad.

In the letter, MPs said that the United States, being a nation familiar with political protests, can advise India in the current state of social unrest. MPs said, “We respect the right of the Indian government to formulate a national policy in accordance with current law. We also understand the rights of those in India and abroad who peacefully protest against agricultural laws, many Indian farmers see these agricultural laws as a threat to their economic security. The letter is signed by Jayapal, MP Donald Norcross, Brendan F. Boyle, Brian Fitzpatrick, Mary Gay Scannlon, Debbie Dingell and David Tron. In recent weeks, more than 12 US lawmakers have expressed concern over the ongoing peasant movement in India.

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