Indian Foreign Minister Jaishankar says in US there is political effort to portray our current government: In US Jaishankar has targeted opposition, said – effort is being made to show the government of India differently.

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Jaishankar said there was a “political effort” to present the Indian government in a special way. He said there was a difference between the politically fabricated image and the government’s actual record there. New York is going through a ‘stressful phase’
Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar said a “political effort” was underway to present the Indian government in a special way and that there was a difference between the politically fabricated picture and the actual record. government in this country. Speaking to former US national security adviser SR McMaster, Jaishankar said on Wednesday that India is currently going through a “ stressful phase ” due to the corona virus.

The dialogue took place within the framework of the session “India: opportunities and challenges for a strategic partnership” organized by the Hoover Institute. The Foreign Minister said: “ We are actually giving free food to 80 million people, last year for several months and this year also due to the second wave of the corona virus. We sent money to the bank accounts of 40 million people. He said, “This government did that. And if you feed two and a half times as many people as the US population and send money to more people than the US population and you do all of that without any discussion, absolutely … no one and the information that are linked to it, they put money directly into his bank account. What more do we need? There is no basis for discrimination ”.

“ Difference between a politically fabricated image and a real official record ”
Jaishankar said, “So when you look at real governance decisions, you will see a difference between a politically fabricated image and a real government record. So I think you should take it as it is – the real game of politics. You can agree or disagree with that, but I certainly see that it is part of a political effort to present our current government in a particular way and I strongly disagree. The Minister of External Affairs said: “We Indians have full confidence in our democracy … India is a deeply pluralistic society”.

McMaster had asked Jaishankar a question about “Hindutva policies” that weakened the secular nature of Indian democracy. He had asked what changes had taken place in India’s domestic politics due to the shock of the global epidemic and whether it was right for India’s friends to be concerned about the recent changes. Jaishankar has said he will give a straightforward political answer to the question, which will also be somewhat socially related. He said: ‘The political answer is that in ancient times there was a lot of dependence on the politics of voting banks, which means attracting voters based on the identity of the people, of its recognition, etc. If we are separated from this practice, it is definitely a difference.

Meeting program with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken
The Minister of External Affairs said that people in India believe in various religious beliefs and religious beliefs all over the world are very closely related to the culture and identity of the country. He said: “Secularism in our society means equal respect for all religions. Secularism does not mean that you do not accept your religion or that of someone else. Jaishankar said, “I believe what you are seeing in India is in many ways the deepening of democracy, or rather it is a broad representation of people in politics, leadership positions and society. People who have more confidence in their culture, their language and their beliefs.

He said, “I would like to say it openly. These people are probably less numerous, less numerous than in the English-speaking world, less connected to other world centers. So there is a difference here. And I believe that this difference is often judged harshly politically and is generally used to create some sort of discourse. Jaishankar came to New York on Sunday for a tour of America. He met Secretary General Antonio Antonio Gutares, and traveled to Washington on Wednesday where he is due to meet US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. This is the first US visit by a senior Indian minister since President Joe Biden took office in January.

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