Indian IT pros in US: bad news for Indian IT pros, Lakh green card is going to be wasted this year

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Millions of green cards can be ruined in US, thousands of angry Indian IT pros, Indian and Chinese citizens arrive in Washington court
About a lakh of employment-based green cards risk being wasted within two months. This angered Indian IT professionals whose wait for lawful permanent residence has now stretched into decades. A green card, officially known as a permanent residence card, is a document issued to immigrants as proof that the holder has obtained permanent residence in the United States.

To be released before September 30
Indian professionals Sandeep Pawar told “PTI-Bhasha” news agency that the employment-based quota for immigrants this year is 2,61,500, which is well above the normal quota of 140,000. ” Unfortunately, under the law, if these visas are not issued before September 30, they are lost forever, ”he said.

1 lakh of green cards will be wasted at a slow rate
He said the current pace of visa processing by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, or USCIS, shows they will cancel more than 100,000 green cards. This fact was also recently confirmed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs responsible for determining the use of visas.

The Indians knocked on the door of the court
Pawar regretted that the additional 100,000 green cards available this year were wasted if USCIS or the Biden administration did not act. The White House did not respond to questions asked in this regard. Meanwhile, 125 Indian and Chinese citizens living in the United States have filed a lawsuit to prevent the administration from wasting the green card.

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