Indian naval Greek warships naval exercise: India will foil infamous Turkey-Pakistan alliance, exercises with Greece

India has also prepared to counter the nefarious alliance of Pakistan and its master, Turkey. India has conducted vigorous naval exercises in the Mediterranean Sea with Turkey’s rival Greece. The Greek frigate Themistoklis and the Indian Navy warship INS Tabar participated in this exercise. This exercise took place in the southwest of the crater area in the Mediterranean Sea.

According to the Greek news site Pentapostagma, the Indian warship intends to train with the Egyptian navy. For this, IANS Tabar reached the port of Alexandria in Egypt. The Indian warship and the Greek warship are said to have conducted this exercise on June 30. The purpose of this exercise is to increase the training of the Greek army with the navies of other countries of the world.
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Greece is also troubled by Turkey’s aggressive behavior
It also aims to improve operational readiness, combat capability and cooperation on a bilateral basis. Pentapostagma said India is equipped with nuclear weapons and Greece can greatly benefit from conducting exercises with the Indian Navy. Experts say India and Greece have come together to face the growing defense cooperation and friendship between Turkey and Pakistan. Greece is also troubled by Turkey’s aggressive behavior.

Previously, Indian Foreign Minister Dr S. Jaishankar had recently visited Greece and met Prime Minister Kiriakos Mitsotakis. During this meeting, the two sides discussed many issues, including terrorism which is seen as a message to Turkey, China and Pakistan. Tensions have intensified in relations between Greece and Turkey, while Turkey enjoys good friendly relations with rival India’s China and its big rival Pakistan.
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“Sovereignty to be observed and respected”
During this meeting, the two sides recognized respect for the law in accordance with international law and respect for sovereignty, rights and territorial integrity as the basis of international relations, which should be followed by all. Interestingly, during the exercise in Turkey embroiled in a dispute with Greece, Pakistan exercised with Rafale jets, which was considered to be of concern to India.

discuss the Mediterranean
At the same time, the two countries also discussed the emerging tensions in the eastern Mediterranean. Here, Turkey claims the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), which Greece claims as its own under United Nations law. Cyprus and Libya are also involved in this dispute as their EEZs are also embroiled in controversy. In this dispute, too, Pakistan supported Turkey.

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