Indian Navy helps find missing Indonesian submarine: Indian Navy sends DSRV rescue ship – Indian Navy sends DSRV to find Indonesian submarine, know how it works

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The Indian Navy was also involved in the search for the missing Indonesian submarine. The Indian Navy has sent its deep bombing rescue vehicle, will search the high seas, near some countries of the world.
The Indian Navy has now joined the search for the missing Indonesian submarine. The Navy sent its Deep Underwater Rescue Vehicle (DSRV) to Indonesia for relief and rescue operations. In fact, Indonesia has no mechanism to protect its warships safely by locating their missing submarine in the sea. Besides the Indian Navy, the Singapore and Australian Navy are also involved. in these works.

Only some countries have DSRV
India included two such DSRVs in the Navy in 2018. This ship is capable of rescuing Marines trapped in the ocean when ailing submarines crashed into the depths. These machines still exist in the United States, Russia, India, China, Japan, United Kingdom, France, Norway, Italy, Australia, South Korea and Singapore.

This machine can save 14 people at a time
Those engaged in rescue and rescue operations via DSRV can watch live video of the ailing submarine. This helps them review the real situation and plan a rescue. This ship is capable of rescuing 14 people trapped in submarines hundreds of meters away at a time. DSRVs can operate to a maximum depth of 800 meters at sea.

DSRV can be transported by air
The main feature is that these deep submersion rescue vehicles can be deployed from one place to another via transport planes in a very short period of time. DSRV technologies are also different depending on the country. DSRV technology is considered the most advanced with Russia and the United States. It consists of a side scan sonar that can also scan the area on both sides of the submarine.
Real missile fire disappeared a day before training
Indonesian army chief Hadi Jahjanto said KRI Nanggala 402 was participating in a training operation on Wednesday when she disappeared. He said the submarine went missing in the water about 96 km north of Bali. Jahjanto said the navy has deployed several ships to the area, including study ships, in search of submarines.

There is a possibility of an accident due to a power failure
The Indonesian Navy has reported that the submarine’s electrical system may have shut down during the dive. This leaves the crew in control of the submarine. In such a situation, people aboard the submarine cannot bring it to the surface even if they wish. The Navy said it feared the submarine had sunk into the sea to a depth of 600 to 700 meters. Because of this, his crew is also unable to contact the command center.

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