Indian Navy warship conducts military exercise with Japan and South Korean ship in East China Sea

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India has started preparations to give a dignified response to the Chinese dragon challenge at sea Indian navy ship INS Kiltan conducts exercises in East China Sea Indian warship is testing preparations with the Army of Japan and from South Korea Tokyo / Seoul
Amid the lingering tension in Ladakh, India began to prepare to give a dignified response to the Chinese dragon’s challenge in the sea. The Indian Navy’s state-of-the-art warship INS Kiltan conducted combat exercises at sea. East China with the armies of Japan and South Korea. This is the same area where China’s tensions with its neighbors Japan and Taiwan have increased dramatically.

The native warship INS Kiltan equipped with anti-submarine devices was deployed by the Indian Navy on a tour of the Far East. During this deployment, the Indian warship conducted bilateral exercises in the East China Sea with the Japanese warship JS Hamana. During this time, the navies of the two countries waged wars with each other.

Prepare for war with a South Korean warship
After that, the Indian warship tested its war preparations with a South Korean warship. On the South Korean side, a frigate named Gyeongnam participated. The Indian Navy issued a statement saying the exercise took place on June 28. According to reports, the Indian warship has now reached the Philippines, another rival country to China.

At the same time, another Indian Navy warship, INS Airavat, had recently visited Vietnam’s Camaranha Bay area. The navy said this warship was deployed in the Bay Area of ​​Cameroon. The Indian warship has reached the South China Sea at a time when the dispute between China and its neighboring countries has escalated significantly. At the same time, the infiltration of Chinese ships continues to increase in the Indian Ocean.

81 percent of INS Kiltan is indigenous
India has shown China that if it can infiltrate its area of ​​influence in the Indian Ocean, then Indian warships can also reach at any time to measure the depths of the South China Sea. Previously, India had deployed one of its warships in the South China Sea after the violence in the Galwan Valley. This warship was deployed in the area where the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy opposed the presence of any other force.

81 percent of the ship is native and is well equipped to counter nuclear, biological and chemical attacks. To this, many domestically made weapons and sensors were added. It is armed with heavy torpedoes, ASW rockets, 76mm medium range guns and 2 x 30mm multi-barrel guns. It is the first large vessel to undergo sea trials of all major weapons and sensors prior to delivery.

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