Indian ships in China: China: Indian sailors stranded on a freighter will return to the country on January 14 – Indian sailors from one of the ships stranded in China will return on January 14

The way has been cleared for the return of the MV Jag Anand, a cargo ship stranded in China with 23 Indian members for several months. Its crew will first be transferred to Japan and Indian members will return on January 14. The Chinese administration did not allow a crew change in these ports due to several restrictions imposed as a result of Kovid-19.

The ministry was in contact with China
Previously, India’s External Affairs Ministry reported last Friday that the two ships have run aground in Chinese waters in recent months and the 39 Indian crew on board to take care of human needs and quickly resolve the issue. The Indian High Commission is in constant contact with the Chinese administration in Hebei and Tianjin.

16 members stranded on another ship
Freighter MV Jag Anand has been standing near the port of Jingtang in Hubei Province, China since June 13 and is boarded by 23 Indian nationals as a crew. He added that another ship, MV Anasatasia, has 16 Indian civilians on board and has been standing near the Chinese port of Koofidian since September 20 and awaiting the disposal of the cargo.

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