Indian strain of coronavirus: Indian strain of coronavirus discovered in Britain

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The new strain of corona virus has been discovered in India, now 77 cases have been identified in Britain, after this contact is traced Prime Minister Tejbrighton visits India.
The new strain of corona virus first found in India has now started to spread in Britain. Health officials here have identified 77 cases of the highly contagious B.1.617 type of the corona virus and have determined that it is the type under investigation (VUI). Meanwhile, due to the rapid growth of Corona cases in India, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has decided to cut the length of his visit to India later this month, where many scheduled events are now only expected to end. until April 26. .

Public Health England (PHE), which published weekly information on the new type of virus (VOC) and the VUI concern in Britain, said on Thursday that for the first time, this type of virus found in India had changed to many times. The PHE Weekly Report stated: “A new type is considered by PHE to be the type under investigation (VUI). This type, first found in India, has changed many times and its variants include the E484Q, L452R and P681R.

He said: ‘PHE has identified 77 such cases in the UK and all appropriate public health interventions will be undertaken, including the early detection of those exposed to those infected. This type of virus has been corrected VUI-21 April-01. PHE and international partners will continue to monitor the situation closely.

It is feared that the B1.617 variant variants have spread rapidly and to some extent prevent immunity. This guy is believed to be largely responsible for the second wave of the global Kovid-19 pandemic in India, where the rate of infection and the need to hospitalize patients again increased.

At the same time, a spokesperson for Johnson said: “We are in close contact with the Indian government regarding the Prime Minister’s upcoming visit in view of Kovid-19’s situation in India.” As a result of these discussions, the Prime Minister decided to reduce the duration of his visit scheduled for the end of this month to a brief program in New Delhi.

India is currently not on this “red list” of countries in which those traveling to India and Britain will have to live in strict hotel accommodation. If there are more concerns about the Indian type B1.617 in Britain, it will be put in the Worry Type (VUC) category instead of VUI.

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