Indian Taliban Talks Update: Afghan Government and Taliban Leaders Discuss Peace in Moscow Russia India S Jaishankar Eyes Too

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Once again, a bloody war between the Taliban and the Afghan army has started in Afghanistan, and after Iran, Russia has also stepped up its efforts to stop this civil war.
With the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, another bloody war has broken out between the Taliban and the Afghan army in the country. A counterattack has started between the Taliban and Afghan troops. After Iran, Russia has also stepped up its efforts to stop this civil war. A delegation from the Afghan government and the Taliban has arrived in Moscow where talks will be held between the two parties. What is interesting about this whole affair is that a day earlier Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar had also visited Russia.

The Taliban leadership is believed to have arrived in Russia to assure the Putin administration that if they come to power, Russia and its allies in Central Asia will not be threatened. The Russian Foreign Ministry said Zamir Kabulov, Russian ambassador to Afghanistan, had spoken with the Taliban delegation. The Russian Ambassador expressed concern at the escalation of violence and tensions in northern Afghanistan.
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Kabulov called on the Taliban to stop themselves from spreading beyond their country’s borders. The Russian Foreign Ministry said: “We have received assurances from the Taliban that they will not violate the borders of Central Asian countries. Also ensures the security of foreign diplomats and their Consulate General in Afghanistan. This Taliban reassurance came at a time when hundreds of Afghan soldiers had traveled to the border with neighboring Tajikistan to escape Taliban attack.

After that, Russia’s ally Tajikistan had deployed 20,000 of its reserve troops to the border. Russia also has a military base in Tajikistan. Russian officials fear that the arrival of the Taliban may increase instability in countries of the former Soviet Union located in the northern region of Afghanistan. Faced with this threat, Russia has now taken the lead in bringing about reconciliation between the Taliban and the Afghan government.
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Meanwhile, India said on Thursday that the interests of countries close to Afghanistan are strongly protected and that developments in Afghanistan are good for it and for countries in the region. Taliban fighters have captured several districts of Afghanistan in recent days and are believed to control a third of the country before the withdrawal of US and Western troops from Afghanistan on September 11. Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar, visiting Russia, said on Thursday: “Looking at the issue of terrorism, India and Russia are against radical thought, violence, extremism and l ‘violent extremism’.

Jaishankar, who is on a three-day visit to Russia, said this in response to a question about Afghanistan at the Primakov Institute for World Economy and International Relations here. In response to the question, he said, “We are a pluralistic society. We have been targeted. I do not think that we have changed our position on terrorism, radicalization, violence and on the protection of pluralistic societies. Foreign Minister Jaishankar said India and Russia have supported an undivided Afghanistan, a sovereign Afghanistan where minorities enjoy fair representation. He said India’s position on Afghanistan had not changed. Recalling his stopover in Tehran on Wednesday en route to Russia, Jaishankar said he had had an in-depth discussion with Iranian Foreign Minister Javed Zarif over Afghanistan.

Taliban leaders have arrived in Russia for talks

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