Indian US Citizenship Bill 2021: H1B Visa: Good News for Millions of Indians, US Citizenship Bill Introduced to Parliament – US Citizenship Bill 2021 introduced will reduce the wait for the card green for Indians

There is good news for millions of Indians living in America. The US Citizenship Bill 2021 has been tabled in Parliament. Thanks to this, the previous ban on restricting the number of migrants from a country for an employment-based green card will be removed. After the law is enacted, dependents of H-1B visa holders will also be allowed to work. Thousands of Indians working in the tech sector in America will also benefit.

Passage of the bill in both the US House of Representatives and Senate of the United States Parliament and the enactment of President Joe Biden’s signature will pave the way for millions of undocumented people coming to the country legitimately. Sen. Bob Menendez and House of Representatives Linda Sanchez told reporters that the 2021 U.S. Citizenship Act provides for immigration reform.

As part of this important step, professionals who have been waiting for a green card for more than 10 years will also be legally allowed to stay permanently. The Indians will benefit most from the enactment of this law. The bill was sent to Parliament after Biden was sworn in on Jan.20. Under this, pending employment based visas will be approved.

The way for Indian graduates to stay in America is easy too
The visa limits for each country will also be removed and the waiting time will be reduced. The bill also provides for the convenience of graduates of STEM subjects from American universities to make their stay in America. It is noteworthy that the largest number of students in American universities to obtain degrees in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects come from India.

The ruling Democratic Party has a majority in both chambers. However, the party would need the support of 10 Republican members to push the bill through the upper house. Leaders of the Democratic Party and the White House have expressed hope that they will gain the necessary support for the interests of the millions of non-citizens living in America.

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