Indians on Team Joe Biden: Entry of Indigenous Peoples into Biden Administration, Appointed to Key Positions in Department of Energy – Joe Biden’s Administration Appoints Indian Diaspora to Key Positions in Department Energy

In the United States, the Biden administration has appointed four Indians to key positions within the Department of Energy. The administration appointed Tarak Shah as chief of staff. Shah became the first American of Indian origin to hold this position. After announcing the appointment of 19 senior officials in the Energy Department, Shah said, “These talented and skilled officials will meet President Joe Biden’s goal of tackling the climate change crisis and building a better clean energy in the future. ” ‘

Tanya Das was appointed Chief of Staff of the ‘Science Office’ of the Department of Science, Narayan Subramaniam was appointed Legal Adviser to the ‘Office of the General Legal Adviser’ and the Department of Shuchi Fatal Fossil Energy ‘Office of Fossil Energy has been appointed Chief of Staff.

Shah said: “These new people, who have been appointed to the Energy Ministry based on their guidance, vast experience and scientific methods, will help create a clean energy-based economy, which will generate jobs for millions of Americans and a future for future generations will help create a better and safer earth.

Work done to fight climate change
In addition, David G. Huizenga will serve as Acting Secretary in the Department of Energy. Most recently, he was Deputy Senior Deputy Administrator of the National Nuclear Security Administration and was associated with the department since 1987. Tarak Shah is an energy policy expert and has worked on climate change control for the past decade.

Tanya Das was recently a professional member of the United States House of Representatives Science, Space, and Technology Committee. During this time he worked on many issues related to clean energy and construction policy. Narayan Subramaniam was a visiting research scholar at the Center for Law, Energy and Environment at Berkeley Law. At the same time, Shuchi Talati was Senior Policy Advisor at Carbon 180. He focused on policies related to building sustainable and appropriate technologies for carbon removal.

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