India’s third wave of coronavirus expert explained how to tackle third wave of Covid 19: third Corona virus threat in India

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The second wave of the corona virus is wreaking havoc in India and thousands of people have died in India. Now there is a risk of another dangerous wave of corona virus being said that in this third wave the most likely victims may be children
The second wave of the Corona virus is wreaking havoc in India and thousands of people have died so far. India now faces the threat of another dangerous wave of the corona virus. It is said that in this new wave, the maximum number of victims can be children. Meanwhile, famed American infectious disease specialist Dr Faheem Yonus said to tackle another corona wave, the focus should be on genome sequencing.

Infectious disease specialist Dr Faheem Yonus tweeted the full plan to tackle the next wave of the corona virus. Faheem Yonus said, “We have to continually sequence the genome 3-5% of cases to detect variants of the corona virus. We need to find the sequence of each reinfection. Not only that, the sequence of each corona infection that occurs after the vaccine needs to be looked at.
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“ The danger of the corona virus spreading quickly ”
Dr Yonus said that we must constantly check for corona virus infection in every tourist entering the country. He said if this is done, the future threat can be predicted and plans can be made accordingly. Yonus warned that if this is not done, the corona virus will continue to spread rapidly and there will be a risk that more corona virus waves will arrive in the future.

Meanwhile, Dr Faheem also gave good news for the fight against the Corona virus. Based on data from the city of Detroit, he said the mask is still very effective in fighting the Corona virus. Yonus said that when a mask was applied in a Detroit hospital, the infection with the corona virus through the nose decreased significantly. He said the process of applying the rust vaccine with the corona virus should be speeded up.

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“ Corona does not spread by applying a vaccine ”
Dr Yonus said that there is a misconception in India that the corona infection increases after the introduction of the corona vaccine. He said the data suggests this assumption is wrong. In India, only 2 or 4 people became infected with the corona virus out of 10,000 people who received the Corona virus vaccine in April. Dr Faheem advised people in India to stay away from rumors and get vaccinated.

Risk of third wave of corona virus in India

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