Indonesia endorses Chinese ‘halal’ corona vaccine, first president to be vaccinated – Indonesia endorses emergency use of Chinese

Indonesia approved China’s Corona virus vaccine from the highest Islamic religious institution after it was declared halal. China Corona Vaccine Coronavec is manufactured by Sinovec Biotech Limited. Immunization work could begin soon in this country with the world’s largest Muslim population after gaining emergency approval from the Indonesian government. The first dose of this vaccine will be applied to President Joko Widodo.

President will receive his first dose of vaccine
Indonesian President Joko Widodo has said he will take the vaccine supplements first. Vidodo said on social media, why was the president first? I am not giving myself priority, but rather want to assure everyone that the vaccine is halal and safe. The campaign to give ‘Coronavac’ vaccine supplements to health workers and other bureaucrats is expected to begin this week.

Indonesia claims – Approved after meeting conditions
Penny Lucito, head of the Food and Drug Surveillance Agency of Indonesia, said Coronavac met the conditions for authorization to use the vaccine, based on the data and according to a World Organization guideline of health. Indonesian authorities have approved the vaccine for emergency use after reviewing clinical trial data from Brazil, Turkey and Indonesia.

Why is Indonesia going to give the coronavirus vaccine to young adults first rather than the elderly?
Chinese vaccine declared halal in Indonesia
The Indonesian Council of Ulama, Indonesia’s main Islamic body, said last week that the Kovid-19 vaccine is halal and compatible for use by Muslims. Let us know that after the news of the use of pork (pork) gelatin in the Corona virus vaccine, there is debate in many Muslim countries around the world.

Chinese Corona Halal Vaccine for Muslims? Indonesia’s highest Islamic institution gives religious approval
Why is there a ruckus in Muslim countries over the vaccine?
Pig gelatin is commonly used in vaccines, which has led to growing concerns among Muslims about vaccination. The use of pork products is considered prohibited under Islamic law. According to the report, gelatin made from bone, fat or pigskin is used to protect a vaccine for a long time. Muslims suspect that vaccine companies have also used it in their products.

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