Indonesia jet Sriwijaya Air Flight SJ182 missing Last update: the sad story told by the fisherman – missing Indonesian plane: strong explosion, high waves in the sea, tsunami hit … this story is heartbreaking

Strong points:

A passenger plane crashed after taking off from the capital Jakarta, Dronesia, crashed into the Air Boeing 737 flight from Jakarta to West Kalimantan province. 62 people were reportedly killed, including 12 members of the ‘crew.
Minutes after a domestic flight out of the Indonesian capital Jakarta on Saturday, a Srivijay Air passenger plane lost contact with the air traffic controller. There were 62 people on board. The officials gave this information. Indonesian Transport Minister Budi Kariya Sumadi said flight number “SJ182” flew one hour late at 2:36 pm local time, which lost contact with the radar about four minutes later. Earlier, the pilot approached the air traffic controller to go to a height of 29,000 feet.

According to the statement released by the airline, the plane flew from Jakarta to Pontianak, the capital of West Kalimantan province on the island of Borneo, Indonesia. The duration of this flight was approximately 90 minutes. The plane had 12 passengers in addition to 50 passengers. All are Indonesian citizens. The minister said that around a dozen ships, including four warships, have been deployed as part of the aircraft search and rescue operation between Lanchang and the Laki Islands of the “Thousand Islands” chain of islands. “Islands” north of Jakarta.

I don’t have the slightest idea yet
Most of the journey from Jakarta to Pontianak goes through the Java Sea. So far, no clues have been found about the missing plane. At the same time, according to local media, fishermen from the “Thousand Islands” saw pieces of metal floating on Saturday afternoon, which were said to be part of the plane. Deputy chief of the National Search and Rescue Agency Bambang Suryo Aji said the rescue team recovered the alleged wreckage and clothes from the fishermen, which were turned over to the National Transport Safety Committee. to check if these things. Linked to a missing plane?

Indonesian flight missing after takeoff, search continues

Its strong like a storm, a loud explosion
On the other hand, the captain of a vessel engaged in search and rescue operations said fishermen found wires and pieces of metal in the water. He said, “The fishermen told us that they heard a very loud sound like a storm and after that they got these things.” Local media also claimed that petroleum (fuel) was also found near the same location from which the fishermen obtained these items. Lanchang Island fisherman Solihin said he and one of his companions heard the sound of an explosion about 30 meters from where he was present.

There was a tsunami.
He said: “We thought it was a bomb or a tsunami because we saw high ocean waves after the big bang. It was raining heavily and the weather was also very bad, so there was a problem to see clearly around. However, we saw high waves following the sound of a loud bang. We were later shocked to see the wreckage of the plane and the fuel from the plane near our boat. Aji said no radio signal was received from the plane. It was a 26 year old plane.

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So the flight was delayed
He said his agency was investigating why no signal was received from the plane’s emergency transmitter to confirm whether the plane had crashed or not. Meanwhile, Srivijay Air chairman Jefferson Irwin told reporters the plane was safe to fly. He claimed that earlier today the plane flew to the cities of Pontianak and Pangkal Penang. Jefferson also said the plane was delayed due to bad weather, not some other fault.

People cry
TV station footage showed family members and friends of passengers at Jakarta and Pontianak airports crying and praying. Chicago-based Boeing said on Twitter that it was aware of the incident and was monitoring the situation closely. Also said: “We are working to collect more information. It should be noted that in October 2018, just minutes after taking off from Jakarta, the Lion Air Boeing 737 Max 8 plane crashed into the Java Sea, killing 189 people on board. The plane, which went missing on Saturday, is not equipped with an automated flight operating system, which was a key factor in the Lion Air plane crash. Srivijay Air is one of Indonesia’s Affordable Flight Services, which operates dozens of domestic and international flights.

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