indonesia premarital sex: indonesian couples caned for out-of-wedlock sex: in Indonesia, couples get flogged for out-of-wedlock sex

In Indonesia, Sharia-ruled Aceh province, four couples were sentenced to 20 to 20 lashes for having sex without marriage. People have seen this cruelty with their own eyes. All couples wearing masks first underwent a medical examination, then were handcuffed and sat on the floor where they were whipped. This province of Indonesia is often in the limelight for its harsh punishments.

Human rights organizations have raised their voices against this and President Joko Widodo is called upon to end it. However, the people of Ache support this.

Sentenced to a whip in Indonesia

The only province with Sharia law
Ache is the only Indonesian territory governed by Sharia law. The province, with a population of around 50 lakhs, has 98% Muslim population. Normally a large crowd of people gather here to witness such severe punishment, but due to the corona virus outbreak this has now been done among fewer people in a small place. In 2001, Ache was granted special autonomy after which Sharia law came into force here. The central government wanted to stop the separatist insurgency through this.

Here, the lice are licked for cheating, drinking, drinking, homosexual or premarital relations. According to Achan’s prosecutor, Ivan Nanjar Alavi, the maximum penalty is imposed so that others fear before committing such a crime.

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