Indonesia rapist whipped

In Indonesia, a 19-year-old man convicted of raping a child was whipped 146 times in front of ordinary people. During this time, he continued to cry and was treated by doctors. After that, he started to be whipped again. The youngster was arrested last year for raping a child.

Screaming in pain

Here it is common to be whipped in public in violation of Islamic laws and a sharia officer wearing a mask punishes him. This young man was whipped in front of everyone and he kept screaming in pain and even passing out but his sentence was over. The most serious crimes in East Aceh are punished with so many lashes.

That’s why the punishment is given

Asheh Procuratorate Officer Ivan Nanjar Alavi said the maximum sentence was imposed so that others fear before committing such a crime. This is the only area where Islamic law is practiced under autonomy. At the same time, two people were killed on Thursday for having sex with partners under their age.

Punishment for these crimes

Human rights organizations criticize this punishment in Aceh. However, it is visited by a large number of people, but due to the corona virus outbreak it has seen a decrease. Here, the lice are licked for cheating, drinking, drinking, homosexual or premarital relations.

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