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Photos of Indonesia on social media, the streets of a village seen covered in viral colors are inundated by the dye factory due to the flooding.
When photos of a village in Indonesia surfaced on social media, audiences were shocked. In the photos, “rivers of blood” were seen flowing from the streets of the village. However, it soon became clear that there was a flood in which the color red came out of a dyeing plant and entered the water. Officials say the color will lighten when combined with the rain.

How did the color come about?
Thousands of people shared photos and videos on Twitter from a village in the city of Pékalongan, central Java, and many said they wanted blood when they saw it. The city of Pekalongan is known for the production of batik used in traditional Indonesian dyeing techniques. In this, patterns are created on clothes.

Red roads

New uncolored river
Perhaps this is why stories of rivers painted in different colors are not new to people. Also last month, the water in the northern village turned green due to the flooding. A Twitter user reported that sometimes purple pits appear on the streets as well. Dimas Arg War, disaster relief officer from Pekalongan, confirmed that these photos were genuine.

Not badly used
On social media, people have expressed concern that these images being there, people should not be using them to spread lies. One Twitter user wrote: “Don’t call it the end of the world or the rain of blood.” It often happens that people use such images on social media for other purposes and try to spread lies through them.

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