Indonesian submarine Latest news: Indonesian submarine declared sunk in ocean President Joko Widodo confirms: President Joko Widodo announces sinking of missing Indonesian submarine

The Indonesian Navy has announced the sinking of its missing submarine. After this announcement, the hope of surviving one of the 53 crew on board came to an end. Army chief Hadi Jahjanto said that with oil and debris discovered near the coast of the island of Bali on Wednesday, the location of the submarine was last seen on Wednesday, KRI Nanggala 402 sank.

Admiral Yudo Margano, Navy Chief of Staff, told a press conference in Bali: “If there had been an explosion, pieces would have been found.” If there was an explosion, its sound would be heard through the sonar. The Navy had previously said it believed the submarine sank to a depth of 600 to 700 meters. “We now believe the submarine sank due to the evidence provided,” Margano said. They said no body has been found so far.

The submarine still had three days of oxygen
Hundreds of soldiers and hundreds of soldiers were engaged in the search for this submarine. However, there were only three days of oxygen left after the loss of energy, whose time expired on Saturday. Navy chief Yudo Margano said the submarine would now be submerged. He said the goods found did not belong to any other vessel.

Couldn’t take a lot of pressure
The submarine disappeared during training on Wednesday. The oil was strewn where it was feared of drowning. It is estimated that there was a fatal accident due to damage to the fuel tank. It could withstand a pressure of up to 700 meters and was prone to burst when it fell. Permission to dive was requested on his behalf, but after that he lost contact.

Indonesia bought this submarine from Germany
The KRI Nangagla 402 is a German submarine, commissioned in 1981 in the Indonesian Navy. This submarine was preparing for the missile firing maneuvers that would take place on Thursday. Several other military officers, including military leader Hadi Zahjanto, were to participate in the exercise. The Defense Ministry said in a statement that the submarine had received clearance to dive and had not been contacted since.

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