Indonesian woman whips sex: Indonesian Sharia-based woman passes out as she is whipped by police for premarital sex

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A horrific incident of flogging of an Indonesian woman has been revealed. The woman accused of having sex before marriage was beaten 100 times by the police, due to which the accused woman began to suffer in pain and passed out.
A horrific incident of whipping a woman has come to light in Indonesia. In the country’s Aceh province, a woman accused of having had premarital sex was beaten by police over 100 people, due to which she began to suffer and passed out. The woman and her lover were flogged in public. Sharia law is in effect in Indonesia and premarital sex is prohibited.

After the woman got up after being whipped, but after being whipped again, she fell and passed out. Later, when he regained consciousness, he was again whipped. The more the woman was whipped on her back, the deeper she breathed. A situation arose such that the woman began to torment in pain. After that, the health authorities present came to examine him.

Aceh is the only province where Sharia law applies.
Many people have taken the woman unconsciously from there. Large numbers of people and police were present at the scene during the flogging incident. Meanwhile, two other people were also whipped for drinking alcohol and engaging in reprehensible behavior. These people were killed in public with 75 and 40 whips respectively. Police officer Zulkifly said the woman passed out after consuming 100 whips, so she was moved to another location.

The officer claimed that the woman woke up immediately and is recovering now. Aceh is the only province in Indonesia where Sharia law is applicable. Extremely fanatic fanatics are publicly flogged in this state for various crimes such as alcohol consumption, obscene acts and illicit relationships. Authorities claimed in 2018 that the lashes would be stopped, but so far that has not happened. Such incidents have multiplied.

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