Indra, FCC Medio Ambiente, Fundacin GMP and BASF Espaola, winners of the IV Diversity and Inclusion Awards

The handover ceremony took place in the presence of the Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, Mr. Jos Luis Escriv

Indra, FCC Medio Ambiente, Fundacin GMP and BASF Espaola, winners of the IV Diversity and Inclusion Awards

Indra, FCC Medio Ambiente, Fundacin GMP and BASF Espaola were the companies awarded at the fourth edition of the Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Awards awarded by the Adecco Foundation and the Club of Excellence in Sustainability.

The authorities, the winners and the jury met at the Gnova Financial Club, while the rest of the guests and registrants were able to follow the event by “streaming” via the Fundacin Adecco YouTube channel.

For an additional year, the awards, categorized into four categories – Best Strategic Plan for Diversity and Inclusion, Best Practice in Professional Inclusion, Best Practice in Social Action and Best Practice in Cultural Transformation in Diversity and Inclusion. inclusion – recognized the most outstanding business initiatives. in terms of business diversity and socio-professional inclusion.

These awards aim to make the Spanish business fabric, public administrations and society in general aware of the need to create inclusive environments in organizations so that workers can develop their talents under the same conditions and that our country increases its competitiveness.

The awards ceremony, held in a hybrid format, was opened by the Hon. Mr. José Luis Escriv, Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, who underlined the importance that the values ​​of diversity and inclusion should have for a society like ours. In addition, he recalled that just a year ago “a great step for inclusion in our country, such as the approval in Congress of the minimum living income, a benefit called to be the cornerstone of our non-profit system. contributory “.

Next, Francisco Mesonero, Managing Director of the Adecco Foundation, and Juan Alfaro, Managing Director of the Club for Excellence in Sustainability, shared the keys to diversity, equity and inclusion strategies within the current framework.

Francisco Mesonero underlined the importance of “acting with courage and humility in order to be able to create programs and strategies with a strong social and corporate impact”. The manager stressed that more and more companies are betting on diversity and inclusion policies, not only as an element of responsibility, but as a lever for competitiveness. “We believe that it is essential to promote these initiatives which demonstrate commitment, professionalism, rigor, openness and good work. Our goal is that these recognitions become a stimulus to continue to innovate in the field of diversity, equity and inclusion, being the starting point to reduce inequalities in our labor market and reduce poverty and exclusion in Spain. Historical challenges for our society and to which we must provide a precise response, contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda ”.

For his part, Juan Alfaro underlined that “diversity and inclusion have become key aspects of business management. Every day, society demands more equity, inclusion and diversity practices from businesses. Investment funds, agents and society in general are asking for mobilization in this area; and I think that leadership should always come from the governing bodies, both the board of directors and the board of directors ”.

Enrique Snchez, President of the Adecco Foundation; Iker Barricat, CEO of Adecco Espaa; Arancha Jimnez, Director of Operations of the Adecco Foundation; and Marc Gmez, President of the Club for Excellence in Sustainability, accompanied Alfaro and Mesonero during the awards ceremony. Sánchez said that it is necessary to take a new step in managing inclusion, not only from the point of view of social engagement, but also from the point of view of business competitiveness. “The Spanish economic fabric is making progress in raising awareness of talent without labels, and it must do so bearing in mind that diversity must be transversal and that inclusion must focus on talent management.

Antonio Garrigues: recognition of excellence in diversity and inclusion

In addition to the 4 award-winning categories, this edition included special public recognition through an honorary award given to Antonio Garrigues Walker, Honorary President of Garrigues, for his contribution to diversity in the business world as an exceptional inclusive leader. . .

After receiving the prize from the Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, Antonio Garrigues Walker underlined the importance of deepening “loneliness” as a scourge which advances at the speed of a giant and which must be approached in a particular way in the context of diversity. and inclusion.

Committed and innovative proposals

Under the Honorary Presidency of His Majesty the Kings of Spain, a jury was formed, composed of Carmen Alsina, CEO of CEOE; Lourdes Lpez, CEO of Becton Dickinson; Iigo Sagardoy, member of the management committee of Sagardoy Abogados; Emilio Zurutuza, sponsor of the Adecco Foundation; Francisco Mesonero, Director General of the Adecco Foundation, and Juan Alfaro, Director of the Club of Excellence in Sustainability.

In addition to the honorary recognition of Antonio Garrigues Walker, awards were given in four categories in the field of diversity and inclusion. Always with the aim of recognizing the most innovative proposals that are carried out in this field:

The prize for the best diversity and inclusion strategic plan was awarded to Indra for its 2018-2020 Diversity Strategy project. Through it, Indra expresses its commitment to the progress of D&I, both in the work environment and in the society of the countries where it operates. The company works to develop an inclusive environment and focuses on both gender and generation diversity; without forgetting the integration in the organization of policies aimed at facilitating functional and cultural diversity. Jos Cabello, Managing Director of Human Resources at Indra, was tasked with receiving the award.

The award for best practice in professional integration has been awarded to FCC Medio Ambiente
in recognition of its IV 2018-2020 CSR Master Plan. This collaborative project with Obra Social “la Caixa” generates and promotes the employment of people at risk of social exclusion in the provision of services related to urban sanitation and event management. The project was developed through the 409 integration structures hosted by the financial entity. Jordi Payet Prez, CEO of FCC Medio Ambiente, received the award.

The award for best practice in social action went to the Autism Commitment program, an educational project carried out by the GMP Foundation in collaboration with the Autism Federation of Madrid. Its objective is to offer specialized training to professionals in the ordinary educational field in the acquisition of strategies and tools allowing them to intervene appropriately with students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), both at the inside and outside the classroom. The person in charge of collecting the prize was Antonio Montoro Alemn, vice-president of the GMP Foundation.

The Best Practices of Cultural Transformation in Diversity and Inclusion award went to BASF Espaola’s Make the unconscious conscious project, dedicated to training in the area of ​​unconscious bias and inclusive leadership. Through participatory sessions, 250 leaders of the organization understood what it means to include diversity in its broadest sense, how the subconscious can influence appreciations, communication and decisions and how, from their role as managers, they can promote or destroy an inclusive work environment. Cinthia Gonzlez received the award as Human Resources Director of BASF Espaola.

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