Inés Arrimadas excludes his resignation: “The citizens are always strong”

Publication: Sunday, April 11, 2021 09:40

The leader of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas, excludes a possible resignation or a decomposition of the orange formation in the event of non-entry to the Assembly of Madrid.

In an interview with “La Razón”, Arrimadas denies “the greatest” questioned on the process of decomposition of his party if the candidacy led by Edmundo Bal does not reach 5%. “Ciudadanos maintains thousands and thousands of posts and affiliates throughout Spain, governs Andalusia, Castile and León and 400 municipalities, has one of the most important delegations of the European liberal family and represents all Spaniards who believe in the center, “warns Arrimadas.

In addition, she assures us that she will not resign and will continue to devote herself to the execution of her project, recalling the “overwhelming” support that she obtained at the assembly of her party during her election to the presidency, “Much higher than that obtained by other leaders of their respective parties, such as (Pedro) Sánchez or (Pablo) Married”.

Arrimadas questions the abandonment of people like Fran Hervías or Toni Cantó, who, according to him, must explain how they go from a liberal ideology to a conservative ideology “in a few days”. “Of course, we made mistakes, and I have no problem with self-criticism,” he admits in the same way.

“When we talk more about the Murcia motion than about the PP corruption scandals that provoked it, with three gigs of information that include the cutting of contracts in the hands of the UDEF, with nearly 500 politicians and relatives politicians vaccinated irregularly, is that something that we have very poorly explained ”, criticizes.

Arrimadas excludes possible support for Ángel Gabilondo (PSOE) because he assures that he is going “in a pack” – and “it is a dangerous pack”, he adds – with that of United We Can and Pablo Iglesias. “They wouldn’t take five minutes to sign a pact,” he said.

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