Inesdi collaborates with FEM to promote the professional integration of disabled women

Inesdi collaborates with FEM to promote the professional integration of disabled women

The digitization and acceleration of teleworking are presented as an opportunity to promote the integration of this group at risk of exclusion

BY RRHHDigital, 2:45 p.m. – February 24, 2021

Inesdi Digital Business School has signed a collaboration agreement with the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation (FEM) and Barcelona Digital Talent under which it will act as an academic partner in the “Fem Digital Talent” project, the objective of which is to start a new line of professional reorientation – intended for disabled women – towards new professions emerging from the technological and digital ecosystem.

The digitalization of companies and teleworking are two of the main factors that, in the current context, the reduced mobility of people with multiple sclerosis does not represent an obstacle to access to the labor market. According to Ana Snchez-Blanco, academic director of Inesdi, “the new digital professions have democratized the labor market, facilitating the access of women with disabilities to qualified positions, without mobility being a brake”.

The objective of the program is to meet two needs: that women with disabilities and a qualified profile can reconcile the three areas of their life (personal-family, professional and health) without having to sacrifice any and, on the other hand, meet the growing demand for digital talent.

Thanks to this initiative, which in 2021 will target a group of 20 people, Inesdi will offer training in different disciplines to promote their immersion in the digital field. The school’s social commitment is to contribute to equal opportunities and employability, by promoting the development of competitive profiles by improving knowledge, skills and digital capacities, and by offering a strategic vision aligned with the current business needs.

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