Infallible advice for successfully integrating high-level professionals into the company

Infallible advice for successfully integrating high-level professionals into the company

Senior executives are ultimately responsible for the growth or failure of a business. However, their incorporation is not always easy or successful. The main reason that can lead companies not to achieve the desired result is not, according to an internal study by the company RH Nexian, to a bad selection, but to a bad initial approach.

“The relationship between the position to be filled and the professional profile to occupy the position must be defined 100% before starting the search, and based on strategic and economic objectives, offering the manager a broad autonomy to achieve them, based on his previous experience, ”said Sara Nogales, Area Manager Nexian Selection. In most cases, the problems which lead these professionals to leave the company earlier than expected by both parties are not the lack of technical skills but, in many cases, “the lack of soft skills, the lack of necessary motivation or an inappropriate temperament for the job, ”he emphasizes.

Faced with this reality, the question is: what to do to ensure a successful selection? In the opinion of the professionals of the company RH Nexian, “most of the managers who are in charge of making this decision, are guided excessively by their instincts and devote little time or effort to the most important question. is the definition prior to the selection plan ”.

Faced with this situation, the human resources company Nexian, present in the main Spanish provinces through more than 20 regional offices, recommends that organizations follow these steps when it comes to “Selecting the top executives I need for my business ”.

Define the strategic needs of the company. To begin with, the fundamental question will be to assess what we want for this new manager. Our research will not have to follow the same guidelines if we are looking for a professional to give continuity to the company as if it were a question of selecting a manager to approach a certain phase of expansion of the company, or if we are looking for him to solve a specific challenge. etc. “Often, explains the head of the Nexian Selection area, companies do not sufficiently analyze the requirements of the new manager, especially when a position suddenly has to be filled”, with the consequence, in case of failure of the selection, of generate greater uncertainty about the future of the business. Define the job profile. A key step in ensuring a correct selection is to clearly identify the job requirements, their responsibilities, the functions, the level of decisions to be made, the experience required in the sector and the skills to be covered. “In an environment as changing as the current one, adds Nogales, it is not advisable to limit the activities of the manager excessively, but rather to establish the desired objectives, to take into account the new challenges that must be met in the new business situation. and, therefore, of course, to have a good understanding of their skills – knowledge and aptitudes – in order to respond satisfactorily to this demand ”. Take advantage of all the existing knowledge, tools and methods. The main HR consulting firms are already using Artificial Intelligence tools in their selection processes and Big Data in their assessment system. “New technologies have become our best allies, making the task of assessing and validating a candidate’s suitability much more precise,” explains Sara Nogales. Show all cards in the interview. Once a series of candidates have been selected, as much time and attention as possible should be devoted to this time. It is necessary to create a dialogue and a relationship of mutual trust, setting out, among other things, the objectives that must be achieved in this position both in the short and medium term, the strategic challenges to be overcome, the culture of the company , the hierarchical level to occupy or their total salary scale, the career plan, so that the candidate can join the new company with all the information necessary to properly assume his role. Check the references. The job references allow us to know the professional and personal aspects of the candidate which are generally very useful in the face of a possible hiring. But it is important to remember that the candidate must consent to consultation with former bosses, clients or colleagues on their performance in the previous company. “At least,” says expert Nexian, “let’s try to verify the dates of hire, the position held, and whether he will rehire the candidate in his previous position. The last step in this process is the selection of the best candidate. At this stage, it is necessary to study in depth the attributes of the candidates, analyzing how their executive and personal qualities can influence the achievement of the set objectives. A very common mistake in these selection processes is to choose the person with characteristics closest to our own, trusting our intuition and letting ourselves be carried away more by past performance than by current imperatives.

For this reason, “having the support of an HR company like Nexian,” says Sara Nogales, is essential not only to reach a greater number of candidates, but also to identify the right candidate for each position and each company, and for that. Nexian supports its clients throughout the selection process, from the definition of objectives, to the full integration of the selected manager in his new position.

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