Infojobs confirms the increase in job offers last February

Infojobs confirms the increase in job offers last February

The InfoJobs platform, employment leader in Spain, recorded a general increase in most professional categories last February with a total of 125,885 job vacancies to work in Spain, 5% more than in January (120,008). In February 2020, 173,722 positions were offered, recording a negative inter-annual variation (-28%).

The slight growth in the volume of job vacancies at InfoJobs may be linked to the increase in the number of Social Security affiliates, reaching 18.85 million in February. These data reflect a slow recovery in our country’s economy, which will take a long time to return to pre-pandemic levels. Even if, following the trend of recent months, the evolution of employment is uneven according to the professional sectors.

In this sense, the demand for experts with training and experience in the field of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, for its acronym in English) is increasing. The needs of organizations to digitize their processes, integrate new technologies and tools, as well as to pivot towards e-commerce, are driving hiring in this sector. Specifically, up to 37% of companies are expected to include digital specialists in their workforce, a percentage that rises to 60% in the forecast for the next two years, according to data from InfoJobs. At the same time, the evolution of the pandemic continues to force health professionals to deal with new strains such as the British, African and Brazilian, which are more contagious, with the high demand for primary care and to follow the plan. vaccination program established by the government. and the autonomous communities.

However, it should be mentioned that the x-ray provided by the Ministry of Labor with SEPE data does not show a rapid recovery in the economy. We have passed 4 million registered unemployed, we have nearly 900,000 employees at ERTE, and we have decreased by 400,000 affiliates compared to the same period of the previous year (in the latter case, we recorded the worst figures during of the last four months). In this sense, we emphasize that February is a month traditionally characterized by membership drops due to the end of temporary contracts for the mainstream campaign, so logistics and customer service are also affected. In addition, the restrictions on economic activity imposed in an attempt to control the COVID pandemic are not easing and, above all, sectors such as hospitality and commerce are deeply affected.

The Commerce and Sales, IT and Telecommunications, Customer Service and Trades, Arts and Crafts categories represent more than half of job vacancies (55%)

The Commercial and Commercial categories with 26% of the total, IT and Telecommunications with 13%, and Customer Service and Trades, Arts and Crafts (both with 8%) are the categories that channel the most vacancies through InfoJobs. In general, the number of positions offered in most professional categories increased compared to the previous month, but fell sharply (on average 28%) if we compare these data with those of February 2020, when the crisis sanitary had not yet broken out. .

By analyzing the worst performing sectors, we find that purchasing, logistics and warehousing is the category that falls the most. This sector recorded 8,005 vacancies and decreased by 30% compared to the previous month. It is followed by Education and Training, with 3,246 vacant positions (-14% compared to January), and Customer Service which, with 10,053 vacant positions, also fell by 12.5% ​​compared to January 2021.

The best performing category is that of engineers and technicians with 6,353 jobs (+ 26.5%). Next come IT and telecommunications which, with 16,216 vacant positions, grew by 24%, professions, arts and crafts, with 9,790 vacant positions, and health and health, with 6,225 positions, both up 14%. . Finally, Commercial and sales, which, with 33,064 positions, increased by 5% compared to January.

In February, the most requested positions in InfoJobs were those of telemarketer, sales representative and real estate agent. Likewise, 3 of the 10 most requested positions were related to the STEM sector. These data show the growing demand for technological experts such as software developer (4 positions), software analyst (8 positions) and ICT consultant (9 positions) by companies to consolidate their transition to the digital world. In addition, the nurse position reappears on the list, mainly due to the social and health needs of the pandemic.

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