Ingenuity helicopter audio: sound of NASA helicopter on Mars taken by Rover: Rover recorded sound of NASA helicopter on Mars

So far, the helicopter of the US space agency NASA has carried out several successful flights. Chopper Ingenuity not only made its fifth flight, but also made a one-way ticket. Separating from Perseverance Rover, the helicopter conducting flight tests at Wright Brothers Fields at Jezero Crater flew 129 meters south. At the same time, the sound of the helicopter’s rotor blades was also heard for the first time on the fourth flight.

Ingenuity enters a new phase
The helicopter also touched down at an altitude of 10 meters, arriving at the new airfield on the fifth flight. He also took high-resolution photos before landing here. With the help of Ingenuity, the success of rotorcraft technology was being tested on a planet other than Earth. Now it has reached the new phase where its use on Mars will be understood.

What will the helicopter do now
This helicopter will explore the Red Planet, going around turns where it is difficult for the rover or future astronauts to capture the orbiter’s sight up close. The fifth flight lasted 108 seconds. This time, the landing site was decided on the basis of data collected during the fourth flight. On the last flight, a place was found that is flat and there is no obstacle in between.

Heard of ingenuity
NASA also heard the sound of a helicopter during the fourth flight. It was the sound of Ingenuity’s rotor blades. However, it is quite slow but can be heard. During this time, its rotor blades rotated 2,500 times in one minute. He is captured in Perseverance Rover’s microphones standing 100 meters away. This is the first time that a spaceship has picked up the sound of another on a planet.

Helicopter for the first time on Mars, NASA Mission Mars 2020

Flight of ingenuity on Mars

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