Ingenuity Helicopter Flight On Mars Live: NASA Ingenuity Helicopter Flight On Mars Live: Live broadcast of the first flight of NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter on Mars

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In a few minutes, first NASA helicopter to fly to Mars: If all goes well, history will be made, the first helicopter to fly out of Earth will attempt to take 10 feet above the surface on the first flight.
The Ingenuity helicopter arrived on Mars with US space agency NASA’s Perverence Rover ready to take off in minutes. This helicopter created after nearly 6 years of hard work exudes an atmosphere of euphoria around the first flight to the red planet. The historic event will be broadcast live on several NASA channels.

NASA will broadcast live
The Ingenuity helicopter is expected to fly from a makeshift helipad built in Jagero Crater on Mars. If this mission is successful, it will be the first helicopter flight to a planet other than Earth. NASA’s California-based Jet Propulsion Laboratory will broadcast this mission live. A live broadcast of this NASA helicopter will air at approximately 3:45 p.m. today.

Ingenuity will fly in the thin atmosphere of Mars
NASA has reported that Ingenuity will perform its entire flight autonomously. This rotorcraft of approximately 1.8 kg will fly with its four carbon fiber blades. Whose blades can rotate at 2400 revolutions per minute. This speed is about 8 times the rotational speed of helicopter blades on land. This was done because the atmosphere of Mars is 100 times thinner than that of Earth.

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This helicopter will fly 10 feet above the ground
Ingenuity will reach an altitude of around 10 feet on the first flight using its rotor. After that it will also descend slowly. If all goes well, Ingenuity will try to fly four times within 30 days. Each flight will be performed at a higher altitude and distance than the previous one. So that this helicopter can reach the highest level.

Video: NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter ready to fly to Mars, see how its wings flap
NASA scientists have great concern
Its live broadcast can also be seen on NASA TV. Meanwhile, great concern is devoured by NASA scientists just before taking off from the helicopter. Helicopter project manager Mimi Aang said our team will try to fly to Mars on Monday, but we also know we may have to try again while working hard. Ang said there is always uncertainty in the world of engineering, but it makes working on cutting edge technology exciting and rewarding.

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