Ingenuity Helicopter Flight Test: Mars Mission NASA Ingenuity Helicopter Flight Test Date: NASA Mars Mission Helicopter Flight Test Date

The US space agency may have to wait a little longer for the Inegnuity helicopter test flight on NASA’s Mars mission. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) decided to run the test on April 14 following a technical hiatus, but according to the latest analysis, it may have to wait until next week. After analyzing the high-speed rotor spin test carried out on April 9 this weekend, the team found that they may have to wait for the flight test.

Decide on the date next week
JPL advised that the helicopter’s flight control software needed to be modified and reinstalled. A final decision on the date of the flight has not yet been made but can be made next week. Validating software changes and some other processes can take a long time. Work is underway to figure out how long this will take. Officials said that challenge would be overcome and the story of the first power assisted flight to another planet would be made.

Then the mission will be successful
The ingenuity is in perfect shape and its energy communication systems are functioning properly. According to NASA, if the helicopter was able to take off and travel a certain distance, 90% of the mission would be successful. If it continues to operate even after a successful landing, four more flights will be tested. This is the test being carried out for the first time, so scientists are very excited about it and hope to learn something new every moment.

Why is a helicopter necessary?
The need for rotorcraft on Mars is due to the fact that the invisible and unknown surface there is extremely rugged. Orbiters orbiting Mars can only see clearly from high altitudes up to a limit. At the same time, it is not possible for the rover to go to all corners of the surface. In such a situation, you need a rotorcraft capable of flying to difficult places and taking high definition photos.

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NASA helicopter on Mars

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