Íñigo Errejón’s response to a man who shouted “long live Spain” in the middle of the rally

Posted: Saturday April 17, 2021 5:38 PM

Íñigo Errejón intervened this Friday in an act from Más Madrid to Arganda del Rey when he was interrupted by a shout: “Long live Spain!” The leader of Más País did not hesitate to respond, a response that the MP himself then shared on Twitter.

In the video, which you can see illustrating this news, you can see how Errejón is in the middle of a speech when someone yells at him in the distance. “A Nobel laureate has just shouted ‘long live Spain’,” said the deputy ironically. “Sounds perfect to me, of course! But let’s see when they also remember the Spaniards,” the MP added.

“Let’s see when, in addition to Spain, they remember the residences where the elderly Spaniards are, the health centers where we Spaniards have to go, the employment policies where we go, the labor policies or housing policies we need for the Spaniards, ”he continued.

“You don’t love your country more than I want to,” Errejón added, addressing the person who shouted. “The only difference is that I am also worried about the Spanish people and the daily problems of the Spanish people,” he said.

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