Innovating is closer than you think

Innovate, a word that sounds optimistic, stimulating and stressful at the same time. How do I do? Where is the novelty when we feel that everything is already invented?

It’s true, that’s how it is, we are over-informed, we all know everything and when we do not know, we search on Google. And that’s it, we already know. This way, it seems there is no motivation. Until you flip the equation and try to get in instead of out.

The human being has the capacity to turn the tide, to think about it in a thousand ways, to get on the other’s feet, to get out of oneself, to arrive at something relevant, to discover. And here comes this magic word, find out.

It is proven and it is a trend of “self-discovery”, this is where the innovation of the years to come lies, seeing the world as a great stimulus that helps us to DISCOVER new things IN OURSELVES, skills we didn’t know, information we didn’t know we had.

It is already part of a methodology, of a process, of companies like Nawaiam, the video game which “discovers” your behavioral profile is a clear example. It works exactly on this territory, on the person.

It’s a trend because the world has become more human, the world respects people more and what they bring in their history, in their blood, in their name, in their origin, in their DNA. A few years ago, it would be a selfish act, to think of only one. Today, it is better to understand each other to bring out a sensational contribution.

How is this innovative? Only the sensation of discovering something of oneself generates an energy capable of moving an environment. Bringing something new to the table is rewarding.

The world is a mirror, look, listen, touch, smell, close your eyes and meet the best person you can meet: you.

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