Innovation based on artificial intelligence to achieve zero errors in HR management


Innovation based on artificial intelligence to achieve zero errors in HR management

BY RRHHDigital, 04:15 – 15 January 2021

Flexibility is one of the most important requirements of HR operational efficiency systems and what enables them to function in our constantly changing job market. These constant legislative changes generally require greater involvement (investment resources) on the part of companies.

We welcome this 2021 with an innovative feature provided by Coprava that helps to ensure the legal certainty of the company, as well as the respect of company agreements and guidelines in HR management.

With this innovation, a zero error rate is achieved, because managing HR without conflicts that cause a legal problem with a worker or union is of vital importance for the smooth running of the company and also for saving money. significant additional costs.

For this reason, an automatic process based on artificial intelligence has been created and available from the mobile, so that companies do not have to worry when it comes to controlling the workforce management performed by managers. This process takes care of everything.

How it works?

1. Definition of personalized alert

Which group of the company do you want the program to monitor (the whole company, a territory, a zone, a center, a delegation, a zone or a service, a professional category, an individual worker, etc. ) What conflict controls do you want to include (no conventional daily-weekly-monthly-annual limits, personal incompatibilities, compliance with minimum rest times, maximum overtime or other types of hours, requests vacations, vacations, reduced working hours, training maximums, unauthorized hires, directives the company’s financial statements, payment rules, tasks with their training and approvals to be performed, shifts and their rules, etc.) When do you want to receive the report and through which channel

2. Heads of department or service automatically receive information

The managers receive the report with the management errors on their mobile phones and the system proposes the most appropriate solution to correct them. The system will generate a detailed report of the conflicts found in the workforce and send it according to preferences and with a standard format to the whole organization, which facilitates the resolution of conflicts, ensures legal certainty and considerably reduces the administrative burden of closure. in HR.

3. Managers receive the conflict report on their mobile

4. Decision making!

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