Inspector Morocho assures that former minister Fernández Díaz tried to influence reports on box B of the PP


Updated: Friday, June 18, 2021 13:59

Posted: 18.06.2021 13:57

Inspector Manuel Morocho denounced the pressures in the investigation due to the plot of Box B of the Popular Party.

In his statement to Judge Manuel García Castellón, he said former Interior Minister Jorge Fernández Díaz tried to influence information about donations from construction companies.

In this sense, he stressed that, although they did not have all the required documentation, they urged him to conclude the report because “they wanted to close the investigation as quickly as possible”. This is what the former minister communicated to his superiors, according to his press release.

Morocho also told the National Court magistrate that Judge Pablo Ruz “did not feel safe” in his office due to the pressure on the inspector. Thus, he assured that on one occasion, they had to find an appointment outside the judicial office, “in a safer place”. Indeed, the magistrate even asked him to perform an electronic scan because of the possible presence of listening devices.

This Thursday we learned that the inspector declared that he had received “the order not to put any name of politician in the body of the first report and, precisely, the name of Mariano Rajoy was expressed” because ” they didn’t want him to appear. ” “They didn’t let me put the names. All these people who appeared to be beneficiaries of the funds in box B,” he said.

Morocho also argued that he was expressly instructed to eliminate any kind of relationship he could see between public works prices and the People’s Party ‘box B’: “[Me pidieron] follow the dynamic that the PP was following in the face of public opinion: that these documents were unverifiable, that the only accounting that existed was that of the Court of Auditors; that the documents did not affect the PP ”.

Asked who suggested that the PP names should not appear in the report, he referred to “the whole chain of command”. “The meetings were collective and in them I received the order to change, to suppress”, reiterates the witness, to which the magistrate of Castellón recognizes that with his testimony, Morocho draws “a dark panorama”, he said. he condemned.

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