Inspector Morocho claims he was asked to leave Rajoy out of Gürtel and includes Fernández Díaz in attempt to “remove” PP from investigation

News in the investigation which studies the “case of the kitchen”. LaSexta accepted the statement before Judge Manuel García Castellón of Inspector Manuel Morocho, where he denounced anomalies and pressure to cover up everything related to this case. Concretely, during his speech, Morocho confirmed conclusively that “the leaders of the People’s Party and the Interior Ministry wanted to put him aside”, and for that they offered him positions at the UN or to the FBI. “They even suggested that I go and work for the Guatemalan Committee for the Fight against Impunity,” he continued.

Likewise, Morocho recounted the meeting he had with José Luis Olivera, former head of Udef, where he was offered a post in Lisbon as an interior attaché and was present at the call of the Minister Jorge Fernández Díaz: “He told me to appoint a person at the Center for Analysis and Maritime Operations in Drug Matters (MAOC-N) as liaison officer, and that he did not want the one called Cosidó . It was 6,000 euros a month, more or less. As he insisted, when he rejects the proposition “he gets angry”: “He is already starting to ask me where I want to go and receives a phone call:” Hello, Minister. Good afternoon, “he said. His response was,” I’m with him. “

“They wanted me to do nothing else. They understood that if they offered me a gift with an embassy, ​​a well-paid position, I was going to take it so that I lost my credibility, my integrity, my dignity at the same time. with the procedure and with the investigation group “, denounced Morocho in front of García Castellón.

However, throughout this statement, he affirms that he has always been at the orders of what was dictated at the time – in 2014 – by the investigating judge of the case, Pablo Ruz. In this sense, Morocho also asserts during his speech that they expressly ordered him to eliminate any type of relationship that he could see between the prices of public works and the ‘B’ box of the PP: “(They me asked) to follow the dynamic that the PP was following in the face of public opinion: that these documents were improbable, that the only accounting that there was was that of the Court of Auditors; that the documents did not affect the PP ” .

“Conminated” so as not to put Rajoy’s name

“I was forced to eliminate the elements which, methodologically, could link the prices of public works to the people who were donors”, continues Morocho, adding: “I was obliged to remove from the Unifica reports the elements which linked outflows of funds ‘B’ with payment of certificates. ”That is to say, with regard to the donations which went to the accounts of the other party, to erase who were the donors of the popular formation; even the bonuses which, according to the documents handled by Luis Bárcenas and Álvaro Lapuerta, would have been intended for various leaders of the PP.

“We tried not to establish a link between the payments to politicians or public officials of the PP and the outflows of funds noted in the amounts that appeared in these accounts. Aspects that we had to file”, declared the Inspector: “There was an intention to remove names, I was ordered not to put any names of political leaders, and precisely the name of Mariano Rajoy was voiced to me. They did not want me to appear.” moved me and I said no, “he said during his speech.

Exactly, Morocho ensures that the figure of the ex-treasurer of the PP, which appears practically from the beginning, was already an element which created tensions in the investigation: “We saw that it was going to change the course and generate tensions. for our bosses and ourselves because there were high demands ”. “When Rosalía Iglesias is quoted, Bárcenas denounces. This is where the cascade of complaints against me begins. Then, the people who commanded the general commissariat in 2012 are dismissed, a new commissioner general is appointed, a new head of unit … that this leads us to a situation of instability, ”said Morocho.

At the same time, he recalled that “Cosidó was responsible for the congressional internal affairs committee” and organized “demonstrations attacking the investigation and investigators of Gürtel”. And he noted that “his subsequent adviser has made it clear that once in office things will change dramatically.” In this sense, he clarified: “I opposed it. This caused me a set of actions that continue to take place today unfortunately, not towards me, which I do not matter, but towards the officials who work with me.

The ‘Kitchen’ has achieved its goal

This information is made public the same day the prosecution affirmed that “Operation Kitchen” fulfilled its mission, that of destroying everything that was compromising. This is reflected in an anti-corruption report included in the summary accessed by LaSexta, which indicates that there are indications that this plot served its purpose because the now-accused police obtained the documents Bárcenas cherished. In these roles, it is also worth highlighting the main role of the driver of the former treasurer of the PP, Sergio Ríos.

As stated in the summary, this man, allegedly in charge of spying on Bárcenas, had up to nine different phones seized. Five of them were reportedly brought in by ex-commissioner José Manuel Villarejo so that Ríos could perform these tracing tasks with which they eventually managed to access so-called sensitive material from the People’s Party ‘B’ box. . Papers that the Bárcenas family kept hidden in a hidden lair in the Salamanca district of Madrid.

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