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Strong points:

Canadian girl led by example, not giving taunts about rampage, boyfriend pressured her, didn’t let her down in front of online trolls
Canada A woman gained so much weight her boyfriend threatened her that if you didn’t lose weight by dieting I would leave you. However, the woman left the boyfriend on the contrary. Britney Jacquese, 23, from Canada, had gained 114 kg. His ex-boyfriends started pressuring him to lose weight.

love at first sight
Britney was so stressed about the weight around this time that she was losing confidence in herself. However, he thought it was better to leave such a boyfriend. Brittany said after the split last August on Facebook she met Matt Montgmery, 23, a personal trainer by profession. The two started to love each other during the first meeting. Brittany said you could call it love at first sight.

I started to feel confident
According to the Sun report, there is about a 50kg difference in Britney and Matt’s weight, which makes people often taunt them on social media. Britney said: “I was a little nervous about my first meeting. Before, every guy I was dating would threaten to break up if I didn’t lose weight. It gave me confidence and I even started training.

“Don’t change yourself for others”
Brittany said, “Later I realized that if I did this it meant that I didn’t love myself and change myself to live up to other people’s definition of beauty. Britney said: “I wasn’t sure if I would find someone who would really love me, I would adopt myself as I am, but I was not happy with Matt after meeting him.”

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