Intel abandons the Surface Neo line of processors

The Surface Neo was unveiled in fall 2019 and little has been heard of since. Microsoft only claimed that the product had been “postponed indefinitely” and, as you know, the main reason has the first and last names: Windows 10X and its prenatal cancellation. Now it looks like Intel has put one more nail in the coffin of the Surface Neo with the cancellation of the Lakefield series processors.

Is this really bad news for the Surface Neo?

This news has emerged thanks to the Anandtech site. The discontinuation of Intel Lakefield processors never ceases to amaze us, as they were announced in 2019 and only saw the light of day in very specific devices in 2020.

This was a series of processors designed for computers such as the Lenovo X1 Fold and the Surface Neo. However, the arrival of the pandemic has changed everyone’s priorities and these revolutionary devices will have to wait to gain popularity. Now what people are asking for is good, good looking, cheap equipment with good battery life and great for telecommuting.

However, the news might not be as bad as you might think. This line of Intel processors has always been viewed with suspicion due to its questionable performance, clearly insufficient for teams that claimed to be revolutionary and at the cutting edge of technology in everything else.

It’s possible that the Surface Neo will make a comeback at some point (probably thanks to Windows 11). If that happened, it would no longer be able to use a Lakefield chip and Microsoft would have to turn a blind eye. Will Redmond wait, relying on the promises of other companies like Qualcomm and AMD? Will Intel continue to be the brand that accompanies future Surface devices with new form factors?

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