Intel could acquire a share of AMD for 30 billion

In 2008, chipmakers Intel and AMD took two different paths: one continued to manufacture its own chips to keep full control, while AMD decided to do without its semiconductor business such as GlobalFoundries, relying on this company and other manufacturers to supply their processors. Today, the Wall Street Journal reports that Intel is seeking to take over the old factories from AMD, in a deal that could value them at $ 30 billion.

Intel wants to be one of the biggest manufacturers in the world and would invest 30 billion

It is clear that for the WSJ the agreement would not be closed yet, far from it. GlobalFoundries, for its part, has categorically denied that it is in talks with Intel. But Intel may be negotiating with the investment firm that owns GlobalFoundries, as the WSJ notes. It is also intriguing that the media does not have any information from Intel or any of the parties involved.

The purpose for which the chipmaker is interested in GlobalFoundries is obvious, the Santa Clara company is increasing its processor manufacturing business. In an attempt to turn the struggling company around, Intel’s new CEO Pat Gelsinger announced in March that Intel would try to work with its own factories and even make other companies in its factories. In addition, they decided to invest more than $ 20 billion in new plants in Arizona. Although it may take many years for new buildings to build and develop.

In the meantime, he could get his hands on GlobalFoundries, the world’s fourth largest manufacturer (according to TrendForce), the one which accounts for 7% of all manufacturing activity in terms of turnover. It won’t put Intel on par with the giants TSMC or Samsung, which account for around 74%, but it would be a start for the Santa Clara company.

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