Interactive Media, the clear example that conciliation is much more than teleworking

Interactive Media, the clear example that conciliation is much more than teleworking

The resulting economic crisis is also an obvious consequence of the pandemic, along with the changes companies have had to make in an attempt to undo the negative results.

In this sense, digital transformation has been a key outcome and as we can see from interactive media reviews, this change has been much more successful in some companies than in others.

How did Media Interactiva get through 2020?

Digital transformation and teleworking are two ideas that have been repeated constantly in the media in recent months. In fact, the processes aimed at these working arrangements have been the only means that many companies have found to overcome the situation of limited mobility.

However, some did it better than others, and Media Interactiva is among the first. During the first wave, this company already knew how to anticipate the situation by offering teleworking options even before childbirth.

This way of working from home was maintained until September, when the second wave of the virus began. At that point, the employees and the company decided to go back to telecommuting with an internal investigation that got this option as the majority outcome.

Media Interactiva testimonials place this company among the most appreciated in its sector for actions like this one, involving employees in internal decisions.

During these months, the company decided to bet on mixed working formulas where remote work was made compatible with meetings in the premises themselves, but with several teams so that many people did not coincide in the same place. . Thanks to these measures, Media Interactiva has succeeded in preventing epidemics of the disease.

Changes in criteria adapted to the circumstances of each moment

The ability to deal with a crisis with solvency is what differentiates organizations that are truly prepared from those that are not. For many companies, activating teleworking plans in 2020 was a challenge, because they did not have enough resources to do so.

In the case of Media Interactiva, this was not the case, as the first attempt to telecommute resulted in the return to the offices in September and, later, a new request for employees to return to work from home. .

On this second occasion, the opinions of employees were essential in making this decision. Media Interactiva’s comments are therefore very positive, because it is a company that relies on the opinions of all those who are part of it to make decisions that affect all those who make it up.

In all this process of constant change of decisions, but consensual, your Human Resources Department has played a very important role, prioritizing the health of employees, understood that personal satisfaction and well-being are key elements to guarantee productivity high.

Sustained growth nationally and internationally

With all these decisions, in addition to a know-how that lasts beyond the year of the pandemic, Media Interactiva has succeeded in positioning itself as a benchmark in its sector at regional and national levels.

Currently, this company is made up of around 100 professionals, 60 of whom are direct workers. Its commitment to employees is just one more example of its ability to deliver complete solutions in its industry, where it markets digital solutions and educational content in dozens of countries around the world.

For this company, putting people at the center is one of the secrets that has enabled it to gain medical recognition. With Media Interactiva and their opinions, we see that it is not only important to adapt to the times ahead, but that employees must be involved in the decisions that are made.

In the medium term, this company is already working on other aspects to continue to be more competitive, such as rational energy consumption and sustainability at social and environmental levels.

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