Interesting husband and wife stories: Husband burned down his own house to keep ex-wife from getting half their divorce

A man in Britain himself set fire to his multi-million dollar house to prevent his wife from getting her share after the divorce. The burnt house is worth an estimated £ 550,000 or Rs 56,804,550. Not only that, the person did not even call the fire department after the fire. The husband did not even pay the insurance premium without informing the wife so that the loss due to the fire could not be compensated.

Case revealed in court
The whole case came to light during a hearing at Exeter Crown Court. Police and firefighters told the court the fire was not accidental, but deliberate. Investigators accused John McCrory, 75, of starting the fire. He said McCurry was not happy with the auction of his house in Kenford, near Exeter.

drink a lot before setting the fire
In this house, John McCrory and his wife Hillary lived together for 20 years. He drank heavily before setting the house on fire and then set propane gas cylinders on fire with a torch. After lighting the fire, he sat down comfortably in the chair and began to drink again. When the neighbors gathered he said, “I see it burning.

House sold for 320,000 pounds after fire
Investigators told the court the house was to be sold for £ 550,000, three days after the fire on June 17. The house was so damaged after the fire that it was recently sold for £ 320,000. The court also heard that just before the fire broke out, McCrory had prevented his wife from removing personal belongings from the house.

The accused accepted the role
McCrory pleaded guilty to arson, life threatening and negligence in court. However, he claimed the fire accidentally started while cleaning brass door handles in the workshop with a blowtorch. Exeter Crown Court Judge Keith Cutler dismissed McCorry’s claim after hearing arguments from investigators.

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