International coronavirus aid: America sent aid amid coronavirus tragedy in India, two planes carrying oxygen cylinder – United States sends two planes to India with supplies to combat Covid

Amid the growing epidemic, the US Air Force’s C-5M SuperGalaxy and C-17 Globemaster III aircraft left for India. These come with an oxygen cylinder / regulator, a quick diagnostic kit, an N95 mask and a Pulse Meter. Sources said on Wednesday that India had been researching medical supplies in the United States, including ready-to-use doses of the vaccine as well as the raw material.

It is reported that a US plane carrying medical supplies is expected to arrive here on Friday, while the Russian plane is expected to arrive Thursday evening. India is focusing on purchasing important drugs like remadecivir, tosilizumab, and favipirvir in the United States and other countries.

In addition to the United States, several large countries including Russia, France, Germany, Australia, Ireland, Belgium, Romania, Luxembourg, Singapore, Portugal, Sweden, New Zealand, Kuwait and Mauritius have announced medical aid to help India fight the epidemic.

Oxygen tank

Earlier Thursday, the Indian Air Force brought 12 empty cryogenic oxygen containers to India from Bangkok, Singapore and Dubai. India is grappling with a second wave of corona virus infection, and hospitals in many states are lacking medical oxygen and beds. “The Indian Air Force is currently bringing empty cryogenic containers from three locations,” an official statement said. Three containers were brought from Bangkok, three from Singapore and six from Dubai.

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The plane left America

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