International Space Station out of control: ISS out of control because of Russian Nauka Science module failures

The International Space Station (ISS), built for science experiments in space, was temporarily out of control Thursday due to Russian negligence. After which scientists from the US space agency NASA regained control of the ISS with great difficulty. The incident happened when the Russian Nauka Lab module connected to the ISS on Thursday. During this time, the module’s jet thrusters were inadvertently held on for a few hours. Due to which the whole space station itself deviated from its course.

7 astronauts were present at the time of the accident
NASA and the Russian state news agency RIA reported that the incident posed no danger to ISS astronauts. At present, there are a total of seven astronauts on the ISS with the crew members. These include two Russian cosmonauts, three NASA cosmonauts, a Japanese cosmonaut and a French astronaut from the European Space Agency.

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NASA’s Starline mission postponed
Due to the crash, NASA has decided to postpone testing of Boeing’s new CST-100 Starliner capsule which will launch on August 3. This unmanned capsule was about to connect with the ISS. The Starliner was scheduled to launch Friday from Kennedy Space Center in Florida on an Atlas V rocket.

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An accident occurred due to the connection of the Russian module
NASA said the crash began three hours after the Russian science module Nauka was connected to the space station. Meanwhile, scientists from the Russian Space Agency were carrying out reconfiguration work after the module had docked. U.S. space agency officials said the module’s jets inexplicably restarted, forcing the entire station out of its normal flying position about 250 miles above Earth.

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The emergency of the spaceship had to be announced
As a result of this incident, the mission’s flight director had to declare even a spaceship emergency. NASA’s space station program director Joel Montalbano said the station’s unexpected drift was detected by automated ground sensors. After that, NASA scientists started several more thrusters and brought the ISS back into orbit.

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