International students in China are coming back: Foreign students in China International students frustrated by uncertainty about returning to China: International students studying in China remain skeptical when they return

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The crisis persists over the withdrawal of international students studying in China. International students were sent back from China to their country during the Corona crisis. Now, China does not allow these students to come back to complete the course.
China, which claims victory over the Corona virus, is now ignoring foreign students to call for remaining studies in their country. These students studied at different Chinese universities before the corona virus outbreak. After the outbreak of the infection, the Chinese administration sent these young people back to their country. It was then said that they would be called back to complete the remaining course when the outbreak ended in the future. However, China is now reducing these questions.

Refused to give a deadline
China on Tuesday refused to give a deadline for the return of foreign students. After which, the future of thousands of Indians and foreign students who study in Chinese universities is at stake. The Chinese government has been asked that these students wish to return from their country after following all the protocols of Kovid- 19, including the vaccine. On which China has maintained its ambiguous position.

The students called on the Chinese government to come back
In an open letter on Facebook in January, the students called on the Chinese government to lift the travel ban and allow them to return to study. He said they will follow all of Kovid-19’s protocols, including conducting necessary surveys and following separate procedures for the habitat. Over 4.40 lakh foreign students from many parts of the world study in China. There are also around 25,000 Indian students among them. Most of these students are studying for a doctorate in various Chinese medical schools.

China advises taking online courses
China constantly advises students to take online courses, citing restrictions related to Kovid-19. However, students say most of them study science subjects and have to go to labs. Asked about this during a press briefing on Tuesday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said China’s Kovid-19 international health certificate issued on Monday was only applicable to the people. Chinese.

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