Internet Explorer to be discontinued with Teams this month

Despite the many criticisms and issues, the reality is that Internet Explorer is still widely used. Until recently, the old Redmond browser overtook Microsoft Edge in terms of usage sharing. However, it looks like Microsoft wants to move people to Edge, now with Teams.

The days of Internet Explorer are numbered … to use Teams

Microsoft announced in August that it would end support for Internet Explorer 11 with the Microsoft Teams web app at the end of November. The company has started sending emails to Office 365 subscribers to remind users to switch to the new Chromium-based Edge before November 30.

“To access the Microsoft Teams web app, the new Microsoft Edge browser is recommended for quick and responsive access for teams with the latest Microsoft security. You can also run critical Internet Explorer-based sites and applications on the new Microsoft Edge through Internet Explorer mode, ”the company explains.

The company explained in the email that the changes in IE 11 are specific to the Teams web app. And it will remain an integrated component of the Windows operating system. They also pointed out that the rest of Microsoft 365 applications and services will also cease to be compatible with IE 11 after August 17, 2021. Two moves that stuck Internet Explorer.

If your business is still running the Teams web app in IE 11, upgrade all devices to the new Microsoft Edge. To prepare for this change, the company offers its FastTrack service. To help Microsoft 365 subscribers successfully deploy and configure the browser at no additional cost. You can read more about this change in the Lifecycle Announcement here.

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