Internet searches for training increase by over 500%

The situation derived from the emergence of COVID-19 has created a new scenario in our society that has come to stay, digitization. This gave rise to the birth of a new user – beyond Gen Z, known as digital natives – who has changed and transferred many of their habits into the digital realm, as citizens already consume electricity. content online, buy through the network and even train at a distance.

Semrush, the leading SaaS platform for online visibility management and content marketing, has compiled a list of internet searches related to the online education and training industry. To do this, he compared search requests on the internet throughout 2020, and that is, according to platform data, queries related to online education have increased by more than 500%, and that’s because the pandemic fueled the boom in online and distance learning that was already expanding, months before the lockdown. The interest shown in this remote modality in recent months confirms this new change, since, in this case, it allows access to training to anyone with an Internet connection.

The analysis reveals that the terms most searched by Spaniards on Google were “SEPE courses” and “free online courses”, reaching an average value of 44,000 visits from March 2020 to February 2021. The contrast is appreciated when the ” we compare the search trends between the two keywords, because, although queries related to the State’s Public Employment Service have increased by 123% since the start of the pandemic, with peaks in September and January of this year, the ratio to free classes has declined 75% since the lockdown that began in March 2020, a few months in which they averaged more than 100,000 consultations.

Fernando Angulo, international communications director at Semrush explains it this way: “The situation caused by the spread of the virus has led to various work situations like unemployment or death, which has prompted many people to take advantage of this time. free forced to continue. update their knowledge and training, remotely. A reflection of this is the growth in online education enrollment over the past year which has recorded historic data and will continue to be a fundamental part throughout this 2021. “

The education sector was one of the first to encounter the initial surprise of the cancellation of face-to-face classes – and which took many institutions oblivious to their activity in the digital environment – through the confusion generated by lack of planning and the future. of these, to seek alternatives that would allow a safe return to the classrooms, since the face-to-face class is irreplaceable – and even more so at the infant and primary levels.

It is true that before the outbreak of the pandemic, one could already find many users who preferred a 100% online methodology, a fact that exploded last year, as the demand for training in the digital field grew. is multiplied, being and the first option for thousands of students and which, according to the World Economic Forum, will be the education of the future, because this format offers the user comfort, flexibility and access from anywhere in the world. world.

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