Intrum, certified leader in sustainable development in its sector

Intrum has obtained an excellent qualification in the “ ESG Risk Rating ”, issued by the consultancy firm Sustainalytics, which measures the sustainability of a company and its degree of exposure to problems caused by the management of ESG factors (Environment, Social and Corporate Governance).). In this sense, the score obtained by the leading credit management company reduced its risk from “ medium ” to “ low ”, going from 24.5 in 2019 to 12.8 in 2021, this which allowed it to position itself in the Top your industry and obtain one of the best marks in your sector.

More specifically, this score places Intrum first among the 135 entities analyzed in the “Consumer financial solutions” sub-group, within “Diversified financing”. Additionally, out of the total number of companies rated in all industries globally, 13,081, Intrum ranks 415. These results demonstrate the strength of the company’s ESG programs, practices and policies.

“This score is important to us because it reflects that we operate to high ethical standards. The improvement two years ago is a reflection of Intrum’s performance optimization in areas such as privacy and data protection, human capital, product governance and business ethics. This recognition is a testament to the work and efforts of our entire team. Intrum’s goal is to drive the change towards a more robust economy and to this end we will continue to develop our ESG program over the next few years, as it is closely linked to our goal for the future ”, states Anders Engdahl, President and CEO of Intrum.

For his part, Jos Luis Bellosta, Managing Director of Intrum in Spain, underlines that “our market leadership implies a great responsibility: to become a model of sustainability for the industry. We want to generate value for people, companies, shareholders, our employees and society in general, so it is essential for us to be guided at all times by the values ​​that represent us: empathy, ethics, dedication and solutions. This is the key to our success, and being recognized for our good work encourages us to continue working day after day to offer the best solutions ”.

To develop the ranking, Sustainalytics analyzed more than 250 indicators around ESG practices. The result issued by the assessor serves to help investors identify and understand the environmental, social and governance risks that may affect a company’s performance, using them as a benchmark for whether or not to invest in a company.

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