IO Interactive is working on a new James Bond game

We knew today was a special day for IO Interactive. The popular studio behind the Hitman franchise was working on something and today is the day to show it. An expectation that is reduced in the face of major events.

IO Interactive takes over from James Bond games

Revealed via a small teaser on their YouTube channel, the beloved development studio is working with movie company MGM to bring gamers a next-gen IP-based James Bond game.

No new details of Project 007 were shared, just a short animation of the iconic intro canon with unforgettable music. Will there be Daniel Craig? Are you going to follow the new 007 woman? No one knows that except developers, publishers, rights holders, and those with inside information.

“Project 007 (working title) is a new James Bond video game with a totally original story. Get your 00 status on the first James Bond origin story, which will be developed and published by IO Interactive, ”the description reads.

We hope that Ian Fleming’s beloved saga will finally regain the fame it once had with Rare. Since then, between EA and Activision, interest in the franchise has waned.

This could be the occasion to pay a final tribute to Sean Connery. The popular actor has passed away this year and it would be precious to give him a final tribute for all he has given to the big screen. We’ll see if IO Interactive seizes the opportunity.

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