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Olympic Games Cultural News: The IOC Thinks Sports Simulations For Los Angeles Posted 06/01/2021 11:36 AM Streaming and eSports are returning to the debates of the International Olympic Committee with increasing frequency. As the disciplines become more popular, the IOC is wondering how to reconcile traditional sports and video games for the upcoming Olympic Games. Starting this year and the Tokyo Olympics, viewers will be able to watch the Olympic Virtual Series, which will serve as an aperitif while they wait for the official program to start. Several competitions can be followed on the official Games website, including rowing, cycling on Zwift or even car simulation with Gran Turismo. Today the daily newspaper L’Équipe reports that certain esports disciplines could integrate the official program of the Olympic Games in Los Angeles, which will take place in 2028. Kit McConnell, the IOC’s sporting director, has actually stated that simulations, as accurate as a real-world experience, could allow participating nations to collect medals. One opens the door to the possibility of seeing physical forms of virtual sports like Zwift (virtual cycling) or rowing, these types of physical simulations could integrate the Olympic program in the future. The Paris 2024 Olympic program has already been completed, but that door is open for Los Angeles. However, it is out of the question that titles such as Counter-Strike, League of Legends or Rocket League will join the program, as the games that could possibly become the Olympic Games must be “full replication in a virtual world of traditional sports” “. In other words, only the simulations will likely go into a medalist esports section. Photo credit: By MalloDelic, journalist MP

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