Ione Belarra, elected new Secretary General of Podemos


Update: Sunday June 13, 2021 12:45 p.m.

Posted: 13.06.2021 12:43

Ione Belarra has been chosen as the new leader of Podemos after the departure of Pablo Iglesias. This was decided at the IV Citizen Assembly of the Violet Formation, which was attended by more than 53,000 participants.

The new secretary general of training obtained 45,753 votes, an overwhelming majority of 89%. “There are more We Can than ever and it is more necessary than ever,” he said after the result.

In addition, he returned “thank you” to Pablo Iglesias: “We are still here. It will always be your home.” With Belarra competing with two other candidates for the General Secretariat that Iglesias left, the critical activist Fernando Barredo with the ‘Nuevo Impulso’ candidacy which obtained 3,106 votes, and the municipal councilor of San Lorenzo de El Escorial (Madrid) , Esteban Tettamanti, from ‘Podemos Horizontal’, with 2,730 voices.

Along with Belarra, 97 people were also chosen from their list to form the National Council of Citizens in which continue visible leaders from the previous stage such as Irene Montero, Pablo Echenique, Isa Serra, Rafael Mayoral or Juanma del Olmo.

Ione Belarra Urteaga (Pamplona, ​​September 25, 1987) thus takes the testimony of Pablo Iglesias, whose main mission is to raise the purple formation, which is going through a delicate moment. For this, he is committed to a more choral Podemos, with a collective, non-collaborative and non-confrontational leadership.

He also pledged to feminize the leadership of the party and, therefore, the first six positions of his candidacy are filled by six women, with the head of Equality, Irene Montero, as “number two”.

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