Iran: Khamenei made fun of US election, said – Trump wins or Biden doesn’t matter – Ayatollah Ali Khamenei says Donald Trump wins or Joe Biden in US election doesn’t matter for Iran

Ayatollah Ali Khamani, Iran’s supreme religious leader, has mocked the presidential election, citing baseless allegations of vote rigging by US President Donald Trump. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei reiterated Iran’s old position that it doesn’t matter whether Trump wins or Biden wins. America’s relations with Iran are already in decline during Trump’s tenure. In such a situation, if he becomes president again, Iran will face further restrictions.

What is Trump and Biden’s position on Iran?
During Trump’s four-year tenure, maximum pressure could be exerted on Iran. This could further affect the Iranian economy. Tehran is currently openly selling its crude oil abroad, even the new US government may ban. However, Biden said he would consider re-integrating Tehran into the 2015 nuclear deal with world powers, offering possible relief to the struggling Iranian currency Riyal.

Khomeini appreciated Trump’s claim
Khamnai said if you look at their own situation, it’s great fun to watch. The current president, who is expected to hold an election, says it is the most rigged US election in the country’s history. He said who said that? The current president who organizes the election himself. His opponent says Trump wants to commit widespread fraud. It is American democracy.

Khomeini said – we have nothing to do with the outcome of the US election
The Supreme Leader of Iran has said that we have nothing to do with the election results. Which means it will not affect our policy. Our policy is clear and no one will come or go. Khamenei as Iran’s supreme leader makes the final decision on all issues in the country. He endorsed efforts for a nuclear deal, under which Iran agreed to limit its uranium enrichment in exchange for the removal of economic sanctions.

Trump broke nuclear deal with Iran
Trump, however, announced his withdrawal from the US deal in 2018, saying he is not resolving Iran’s ballistic missile program or regional policies. Iran was later removed from all restrictions in the deal, although Tehran still gives UN inspectors access to nuclear sites.

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